Sunday, December 29, 2013

And with 9 days off, I need to begin thinking about heading home...sigh...never a good feeling

Syracuse win over Villanova - check

Louisville loss to UK - check, although frustrating

Louisville win over Miami - check

Cynderball's 44th birthday - check

Lasagna and Gargonzola Cheese Salad - check

iPhone Upgrade - check

New Samsung Galaxy for dad - check

Mom's wigs discovered - check (wait, Mimi, is that your real hair? pull. Oh, I guess it is)

Bottle of Cabernet finished by the sister - check

My crap all over 5388 Amalfi Drive - check

The temptation of Buckeyes and Magic Layer Bars finally wins - check

A week of mindless meandering in the direction life took me - check

Time to pack for a return - check

Still a few items on my agenda - uncheck (will hopefully get to it on Sunday.

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