Saturday, December 28, 2013

In Celebration of Cynderballs, 2013, and her Prancing Pony - Bella the Wonderdog!

In the holiday traditions of December we, the Crandall/Isgar/Barnwell posse, celebrate the 3rd day after Christmas, in celebration of Cynde's 44th birthday.

Above, Bella the Wonder Dog demonstrates one of many fruitful talents - this one is the "watch me use my lower jaw to capture my collar routine." Notice her horse-like prancing abilities. This display of brilliant talent usually follows the "I can catch the light that glimmers on the wall" bonanza and the "If I run fast enough in a circle, I can catch my tail" cyclone.

Yes, Bella's antics are the greatest gifts for anyone who visits my sister on Pine Grove Road. The brightest, most beautiful, effervescent puppy dog in the universe is a ball of spastic energy that never ceases to amaze.

Here's to you, Sis. You do so much for so many and, once again, you will do it for us today! You even canceled your Dome Dog look (hot stuff) so you can be with your wonderful family for one more event this season so we can sing Happy Birthday to you.

So, Happy Birthday, Cynde! Best you bring a bottle of wine for your party. I'm sure you'll (well, we'll) need it! Cheers!

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