Friday, October 25, 2013

I write to be a big brother, forever and always. #NDOW #corewriting #siblings

I am writing this on the 24th, my sister's birthday, even though it will air the 25th, the day after. The video above was created in preparation for a package to be sent to my sister for her 40th. It's a big day and she deserves nothing but the best.

See, for 40+ years my little sister has had the irreplaceable privilege of having me as her older brother. The result of this familial tie is my absolute love, dedication, support, and encouragement of her. For years, I've found just the right gift to appease her picky palate and this year, yes, this year, I got it exactly right. I know this because the evidence was sent to me through the texts of Cynderballs.

No, I couldn't actually be with Casey to sing the traditional birthday song and, knowing this, I had the
foresight to think ahead. I've been holding this video for a few weeks in anticipation of writing this post today. Shopping for her 40th this year was a blast.

This is for Karyn Dee Barnwell Crandall in celebration of her existence, journey, and wonderful contributions as a daughter, sister, mother, wife, friend, and human being. You are loved and I believe everyone will recognize that with this present, you have never looked better. ORANGE IS YOUR COLOR. I had a hunch last Christmas that you would look spectacular in orange, but you resisted. Obviously, you needed more convincing

Here's to you, K dot C dot. Youngest of three. Class of 1991. Resident of Manlius. Mother of two brilliant young men.

I don't know where you will wear this get-up first, but I think if you pierce your ears again, don the butterfly earrings, this would look spectacular at Syracuse Stage when you go to see The Christmas Carol. If not that, perhaps trick or treating at the streets of your neighborhood.

And let it be known, my dear little Pain: I'm still the Great One!

Well I don't care if you're pretty at all...
And I don't care if I ever get tall...
I like what we look like
and you're nice small.

No, we don't have to change at all.

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