Saturday, August 3, 2013

46664, With Appreciation to Beauty Makinta and Nelson Mandela

Last night after dinner, Beauty and I went through numerous photos that have been taken since her arrival on July 7th from Pretoria, S. Africa. We laughed at all we've accomplished before she went upstairs to bring me a gift. When I pulled the POLO out of the bag, my eyes grew excited. She's been poking fun at my orange sneakers, orange hats, and orange sunglasses. I figured she went out with Weijing to get me an orange shirt as a practical joke (that turned out to be a hit)

Actually, Beauty brought the shirt from S. Africa and 46664 is a clothing line that works politically to carry forth Nelson Mandela's vision and leadership. 466 was the cell number of his prison room and 1964 is the year he was jailed. I asked her, "How did you know I had a thing for orange? Did you know I am a Syracuse University graduate?" She chuckled, "No, I did not." She said it was God's intervention.

The shirt is a tremendous gift - full of UBUNTU - and a perfect way to end the last day of four weeks. I ran into my closet and instantly grabbed the New York cap I bought in the city last weekend. I have a new look: NEW YORK MANDELA.

In creating 46664  initially as a global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign, Mr Mandela realised that to reach the youth all over the world specifically, he needed to engage the support of the people who most appeal to them. This has been seen most visibly through the high-profile 46664  concerts of the past few years and the appointment of 46664  ambassadors. 
Although these activities remain an important part of its approach, 46664  has revisited its social mobilisation model in recent years. There is now a strong emphasis on the role individuals can play in taking forward Mr Mandela’s humanitarian legacy through activities and projects like Nelson Mandela Day which encourages individuals worldwide to make good on Mr Mandela’s challenge at the 46664  London concert in 2008 for his work to continue and that “new hands be found to lift the burden”.  
In addition, 46664  has expanded its focus from being a global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign into encompassing all areas of Mr Mandela’s humanitarian legacy as well as confronting issues of social injustice.
Now, if I can only score some S. African soccer jerseys for Abu and Lossine I will be all set.

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