Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Good Night, John Boy. Good night, Elizabeth. Good Night, Daddy. Good Night, Son.

You might not get that reference, so here's a snapshot of my childhood watching The Waltons (visit the link here).

I thought about that last night before I went to bed after spending another marathon Monday grading, planning, writing, thinking, teaching, reflecting, and moving forward. That is, before I go to bed every night I need to write a post, such as this, or else I can't sleep. This blog (and the blogs of yesteryear) are my Good Night ritual that eases my mind so I can call it a day.

Good Night, Bryan.

Actually, it's Good Morning, because I post it to "air" in the a.m.

Yesterday, I did another community building exercise with my graduate students to accompany literacy acquisition in the content areas by highlighting stations of many learning intelligences. Again, I asked students to sculpt cows to emulate John Dau and Martha Akech's childhood memories from Lost Boy, Lost Girl. The herd is shown above.

I also did an collaborative art activity where students were given a shape to a larger puzzle that we put together in class. One student, Lisa, who had the letter I made a stick-figure drawing, but placed him in a Legos X-Wing fighter. She explained that literacy, to her, was getting every students into the
cockpit of their own educational journey. I love this. It perfectly fits into the larger art piece (although the X-Wing fighter won't make it into the glass frame).

Good Night, Bryan, he writes....

...after reading several reflections on learning about refugee relocation and hearing how profoundly affected most were from the wisdom provided by Edem, Lossine, and Abu last week.

Yes, literacy in the content areas can be hands-on, artistic, visual, intellectual, spatial, mathematical, interpersonal, intra-personal, culinary, whimsical, kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic, or a variation of the above. In the end, at least in this class, students will have a tremendous appreciation (or at least I hope they will) for global realities and are responsibilities to them.

Good Night. Good Morning.

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